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Welcome to CarnsB, meat wholesalers with over 50 years of industry experience. We sell all kinds of meat: beef, sheep, pigs, goats and horses. In any system of preserving food: fresh, vacuum, frozen and in a protective atmosphere. In any presentation: carcass, quartered, in pieces, filleted, with fixed or variable weight. Just tell us what you need, and we will provide it.

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Moixina, beef trust, is the CarnsB mark of quality, certified by the Catalan Government. Meat labeled with this brand meets certain requirements that make it tender and flavorful.


Suprem is the CarnsB brand of frozen meat products. Beef, sheep, horses and pigs. Presented in boxes of 4 kg weight and filleted.

Servicio al restaurador

CarnsB adapts meat products to the needs of caterers. Veal, beef, horse or pig. Threaded to taste. Vacuum packed or tray. And a wide range of products.


CarnsB, quality certification

CarnsB brand is an authentic quality certification. Only the best pieces, with his best performance, present this barnd. Therefore all our products meet strict EU regulations for the identification, registration and labeling of meat. In addition, the careful selection of the best races of animals allow us to offer the best meat. +info

Respect for the environment

Our commitment to quality food is linked to respect for the environment.

So CarnsB applies a waste management plan, adapted to current regulations, including control of water use, packaging statement, and the destruction of animal derivatives.

In addition, we have installed the first private wastewater treatment of Mercabarna.


CarnsB products

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    ELABORATED MEAT PRODUCTS. CarnsB adapts meat products to the needs of caterers.
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    MEAT PRODUCTS FILLETED. CarnsB adapts meat products to the needs of caterers.
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    MEAT FROM SPAIN. CarnsB sells lamb, goat, beef, pork and horse, from half carcasses to filleting.
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    GOURMET MEAT IMPORT. Beef of the highest quality: Nebraska (USA) and Wagyu (Uruguay). And lamb from Patagonia (Argentina) and the southern areas (New Zealand).
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    MOIXINA, QUALITY VEAL. Moixina is a quality brand, CarnsB property, certified by the Catalan Government.
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    FROZEN MEAT PRODUCTS. CarnsB serves all kinds of frozen meat products with the brand name Suprem.
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    ADAPTED TO YOUR NEEDS. Meat weight filleted and packaged according to customer convenience.
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    BEST QUALITY BEEF, LAMB AND FOAL. Becasue the careful selection of the best races we offer you the best meat.


In 2000, CarnsB bought all the shares of the company Ibercarns and placed in a new warehouse. Currently, we sell meat products under the brand Ibercarns for historical reasons.


CarnsB SA is located in Mercabarna, Barcelona's wholesale market.

Address: C. Longitudinal 10, nº60 CP-08040 Barcelona (Spain)

GPS Coordinates

Latitude: 41º 19' 58.3176"

Length: 2º 6' 42.9654"

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